@import icons are missing in onsenui.min.css v2.5.0

  • These 3 lines are missing in onsenui.min.css v2.5.0:
    @import url(“ionicons/css/ionicons.min.css”);
    @import url(“material-design-iconic-font/css/material-design-iconic-font.min.css”);
    @import url(“font_awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css”);

  • @frosdqy https://github.com/OnsenUI/OnsenUI/pull/2116 This isn’t exactly what you are referencing but I remember they pulled the dependencies as they went SVG icons or such.

  • @munsterlander When I use minified version (onsenui.min.css), all icons are not showing. The icons are showing when I use the unminified version (onsenui.css). The unminified version has those 3 lines, but they missing in minified version.

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    @frosdqy I quickly added the minified version (it wasn’t provided until now) right before releasing 2.5.0 and tested it… but looks like I didn’t test the icons :sweat_smile:
    It’s just a misconfiguration in the minifier tool, we’ll fix it for the next patch version.

  • Onsen UI

    It should be fixed in onsenui@2.5.1 :)

  • Thanks @Fran-Diox :smiley:

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