v-ons-col @click broken in Vue bindings 2.0.2?

  • Seem to work OK in 2.0.0, now only works when removing v- from v-ons-col.

  • Onsen UI

    @denious Hi! I think it shouldn’t have worked before 2.0.2 either. The @click handler is using Vue component events, not DOM native events. v-ons-col is not a clickable component so it should not implement a “click” component event. You can, however, listen to DOM events with @click.native="..." and this will always work (v-on “native” modifier).

    The reason why it works with ons-col (instead of v-ons-col) is that it is an actual DOM element so @click directly uses the DOM event.

  • Very cool knowledge, Fran, thanks for the insight!

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