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Unable to add/share developer

  • Whenever I try to add my developer via the Share function in my project, I enter his email address, choose to notify by email, and hit ok. I’m presented with a modal in Japanese that disappears before I can translate it, so I have no idea why it is failing.

    Why can’t I seem to add a team member?

    I am a Gold member. My developer has a free/basic plan.

  • Monaca

    @ryansturt Hi,

    For a Free/Basic plan user, he/she can only join a shared project as a Tester. Read more

    The message dialog (in Japanese) was displayed because you tried to add a Basic user as a Developer. The dialog is supposed to show in English. We will fix this.

  • Is this limitation going away? Can we add at least one developer for the Gold plan? This seems like a functional oversight. If not, we can work around it using git, but it will add overhead.

  • Monaca

    Unfortunately, this limitation is intended. It is targeted at the team member, not the owner. In other words, unless the team member has the Gold/Platinum plan, he/she can only join as a tester. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding.