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LocalKit not displaying logs

  • Gold member here.

    In trying to debug cordova plugins, I have built a custom debugger with all the necessary cordova plugins for my project. The custom debugger correctly displays all of the necessary cordova plugins, and I should be all set.

    However, when debugging from LocalKit, I’m unable to see logs. The only logs accessible are the ones in the little app menu on the device itself. When I click the Inspector window I see a typical Chrome looking dev tools window, but the console is empty despite countless console.log entries that appear in Preview mode and appear in the debug menu on the device.

    This is making debugging next to impossible.

    I’m also seeing a great number of sources with the URL scheme monaca://log? in the Inspector. Is there some listener that just isn’t running?

    I’m using macOS Sierra, an iPhone 6S, latest Localkit, and Cordova 6.2.0.

  • And to update, I’ve discovered the Safari method of using the Develop menu and inspector within, but it also produces a many monaca://log? entries, but no clear logs in the console like I get with Preview.

  • Monaca

    Hi Ryan!

    Sorry for a very late reply. I’ve just discovered this. This kind of question will be found much sooner if you post directly under Monaca Tool section.

    Based on my understanding you are having issue with displaying logs in the Chrome dev tools window. If so, this issue might cause by the fact that you haven’t done a proper configuration to use USB debugging with Monaca Localkit yet. You will need to:

    1. Enable USB debugging option for Monaca Localkit and your PC.
    2. Pair Monaca Debugger with your Monaca Localkit.

    Good luck!