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Easy build automation

  • Is there a build tool or system with pre-configured project directory layout that allows a developer to focus on building and developing the application than devising an build system from scratch?

    I can just start writing the .js, .css, .html and run a cordova build or monaca build and it will minify the files accordingly, skip/remove unnecessary un-minified files from being included in the output .apk or .ipa file.

    I believe it can be done via some elaborate programming of gulp and grunt scripts like what Java developers do with ant, and gradle scripts.

    But is there such a need for a repetitive and common task for every new project?

    Currently, I manually look through the project and delete un-minified files in the www/lib manually. Just wondering if there’s a better way to organize things, and like in Visual Studio projects, a debug and release build would automatically include and exclude the relevant files.

    • During debug mode, include the un-minified version.
    • During a release build include the minified version.
    • If it’s a Android build, include only the .ttf, .otf, .woff or .woff2 font
    • if it’s a iOS build, include .ttf, .woff
    • If it’s a Mac build, include .svg and .ttf
    • if it’s a Windows build, include .eot and .ttf