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Why was the refresh option removed from popPage()?

  • Why was the refresh option removed from popPape()?

    I found this issue on Github: 1831

    I don’t understand why refresh for popPage was removed. In my case, the user is on a page. They click the sign in button which pushes the sign in page. After signing in, the sign page is popped. Then I would like for the original page to be refreshed.

  • I have had to resort to:

        callback: function(){
            theNavigator.replacePage('myPage', { animation : 'none' } );

    It works fine, but now the user can see the page change because I have some element using ng-if=“user is signed in”. What I’m looking for is the original page to be refreshed while the sign in page is being popped.

  • Onsen UI

    @rgins16 options.refresh was simply removing the page and creating a new one. It had some issues for maintenance and made the code in ons-navigator unnecessarily complex for something like this. You can manually do this by using removePage method and then insertPage. However, it would be much nicer if you don’t rely on recreating pages to reload your view, but call the proper functions to do so before popping.