Creating Onsen UI 1 project

  • Normally, we would use monaca create myapp to create a new project.

    However, I no longer see Onsen UI 1 project template available in the menu. Only Onsen UI 2 project can be created.

    How do I go about creating one using monaca then?

  • Monaca

    @wetfeet We no longer have a project template with Onsen UI 1. But if you still want to use it, you can add it manually using Onsen’s CDN link. Onsen UI 2 is a much better version, why do you still want to use Onsen UI 1?

  • @khemry Yes, I am using Onsen UI 2 already.

    Previously, Onsen UI 1 projects may be able to support Android below 4.4.4 without a newer WebView. That’s the good part.

    Currently when using Onsen 2, I have to use Crosswalk for older devices.

  • Monaca

    @wetfeet Ah I see.

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