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How to have different android KeyStore key per project

  • How can you use a different KeyStore key for each project? I am trying but all projects seem to use the same one which is not helpful at all. This is for Monaca Cloud

  • @jason_sbd Under Config -> Android KeyStore Settings, you can then create a new keystore. Now, as I understand it, Monaca just lets you create a single one, BUT you can export it, then create a new one again. Then you re-import your keystore (or import others that you have) and make sure they have the appropriate alias so you know which is which. When you got to build your app and choose for production, you can then choose which keystore to use in a dropdown list.

  • I have already tried that and it does not work, for someone maintaining several projects with different keys, this is an issue. You should be able to upload as many keys as you want and then set a default key on a per project level.

  • Monaca

    Regarding the multiple keystore files within Cloud IDE, we are considering it. But in the meantimes, it’s not possible to do that.

    @munsterlander 's solution should work though.
    @jason_sbd Did you fail to import a different keystore file? Please let us know more about this.