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Choosing between Onsen 1 and 2

  • Is there a page summarizing and listing the major differences between Onsen UI 1 and 2?

    I have gone through the Onsen 1 to 2 migration guide. From what I can see, it is mostly stylistic API changes (renaming methods to property settings) and not really new features.

    However, I do agree that it could be a major rewrite underneath by abstracting it away from a dependence on AngularJS to support other frameworks.

    What are the major enhancements or features that Onsen 2 has that do not exist in Onsen 1? For example certain new UI components?

  • @wetfeet Well, I think the big factor is Onsen v1 is no longer being maintained. Onsen v2 has tons of updates. A complete rewrite is an understatement. New components, integration with other technologies, the list goes on and on. There is no choice. If you are starting new, Onsen 2 is the only way to go.

  • @munsterlander Brilliant. :thumbsup: Thank you for the concise answer.