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did nor responded by the author

  • I had a small problem on this program. But he did not answer correctly and did not act as a guide
    That’s why I left the program and went on to Java and the guides had a lot of Xamarin

    Now I would like to thank the ones that did not help me because I am making progress and transition from a very bad framework ( onsenuio) to a suitable reference were belong oracle. keep going not help amateurs and force them to throw awAy onsen and get java or xamari.

  • @cppprog I am not certain why you came to post, but none the less, I am confused by your statements. You say you received no help, but in the 2 threads you created, we helped you extensively. We asked to see some of your code to help diagnose your issue, but you never came back. Even though I am not an employee of Onsen (Asial), I am sad to see you leave. Xamarin is a good platform and I know you will make amazing things with it. If / when you encounter any cross platform issues and are having to write platform specific functions, just remember that with Onsen and Cordova, you don’t gave to do that. ;)