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Working example for Meteor + Onsen UI

  • Hello,

    I’m interested for Meteor + Onsen UI development.
    I know about about this example for React version of the Onsen ( ) and it work as expected but I’m interested for vanilla JS version of Onsen.
    I tried play with this example for vanilla Onsen UI + Meteor :
    But it seems that it does not work - look likes that the ons-navigator can’t find templates for ons-page and all these pages displayed on the screen at same moment (pages is stacked in z-order and we see latest template only).
    Is something changed in Onsen or Meteor and this example out of date?

    Moreover as I see Meteor create JS functions from HTML files and Onsen UI code can’t work properly (because can’t find specific ons- HTML elements). Is vanilla JS version of Onsen UI can work with Meteor?

    Maybe somebody have WORKING example of the actual vanilla JS version of Onsen UI with actual version of the Meteor? Thanks!