Support for swipe back on iOS

  • Does Onsen Ui support swipe back on iOS devices like other mobile frameworks? Couldnt find anything about in in the doc.

  • Onsen UI

    @danwan not directly. You can try to use the gesture detector functionality (docs here and here) to try to recreate your intended behavior.

  • @danwan I just posted some code for something a bit different, but for your purpose it would work.

    Basically, just plop this bit in:

         alert('swiped - ';

    Change the ID to your page ID or body ID and then handle your navigation within the function and it will work. You also have other events that @misterjunio linked too.

  • If I understand correctly I could listen to the swipe back gesture and trigger the back event, but it would not have the iOS like look and feel? Just like a normal backclick?

  • @danwan Pretty much. I don’t dev for iOS, so I am uncertain how they do it different. Can you describe that and I can try to interpret if it can be done in Onsen?

  • @munsterlander 0:20 - 0:25 shows the swipe back feature. Very important for native look and feel imho and some other Frameworks support it. So I would wonder if Onsen UI is missing it

  • Onsen UI

    @danwan In short, iOS swipe back is not currently supported. It’s on the roadmap but it will take time since we need to focus on some other stuff right now :/

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