Presenting Onsen UI's newest components

  • Monaca

    You may have happened to read our last blog post about some of the progress we have reached lately in Onsen UI. Well surprise surprise, that’s not all.

    We want to take our hybrid app framework one step further, so besides all those recent updates about stability improvement in iOS and so on, in recent version 2.3.0 we have added brand new core components that you can start using right away.

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  • Are you planning on updating Onsen UI Templates for Visual Studio 2015? The latest version is and I was wondering if there is a chance that those (awesome) new features would be available to use there soon.

  • Onsen UI

    @MT Hi! We would like to update VS2015 and make templates for VS2017 but right now we are “rethinking” our templating system. It might take time before we can update anything in VS. However, updating Onsen UI to 2.3.x in the existing templates should be easy. Just download the latest version and overwrite the files in the template. You can have a look at the tutorials to see examples with the latest Onsen UI version.

  • All these new components are reflected in Monaca Cloud IDE automatically ?

  • Onsen UI

    @mailpravink onsenui@2.3.0 is available in Monaca Cloud IDE. You can add it in Config > Manage JS/CSS components... after creating a project.

  • Can you please make new component for Notification when app is running in background… like notifications comes up when we get message on whatsapp or any email on gmail or other…

  • Onsen UI

    @dhruvmishra144 That falls outside the scope of Onsen UI. I think you should check Cordova plugins for that, something like this. If you are interested in sending notifications, have a look at Monaca’s push notification feature.

  • @Fran-Diox Thanks for response…does Monaca’s push notification feature allow me to send notification from FCM i.e firebase of google or i suppose to sending notification manually…?

    Thanks in advance…

  • @dhruvmishra144 i don’t know how monaca’s push notifation works, but i suggest to take a look at ONE SIGNAL, simply to use and free:

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