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ons infinite list goes blank on popPage

  • I got a bizzare problem with infinite list. There is a list of items, each has onclick attribute that takes a user to the edit page. Then there is a back arrow that fires popPage() to take a user back to the listing.

    It works fine when user comes back from the item that was originally visible on the screen. When user scrolls down to find the desired item, then coming back shows only blank page.

    It appears that <ons-list> element got extra style attribute visibility: hidden; , which hides the list.

    <ons-list id="diaryList" modifier="material" class="list list--material lazy-list" style="padding-top: 0px; visibility: hidden;">

    Is anyone aware what could trigger such behavior?

    Not reproducible with OnsenUI 2.1.0
    Not reproducible in the browser

    OnsenUI 2.2.6
    Android 7.1

  • Onsen UI

    @Piotr-Mitoraj Can you make a small example where this can be seen? You can maybe use this template and hit Report an issue button (it will take you to Github issues).