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No Mac key string Establish ios distribution certificate

  • We are in the development of iOS applications, use of the certificate, in the developer center to create these certificates more trouble, the gas is the developer center access speed fast and slow, often spend a lot of time in order to create a certificate, the certificate and all kinds of methods to rapidly create iOS description file.

    Here a tool Appuploader, can be run in Windows, Linux and Mac system.

    Create a publishing certificate

    Download installation Appuploader

    1 open the software, use the developer account login


    2 select Certificate creation module


    3 to create a release certificate, for example, select the third, the other can create a certificate of development, according to the need to choose.


    4 enter the name, mailbox, certificate password, click OK to create.


    5 create a successful download save p12 file


    Two, create a description file

    1 create a description file module


    2 select the description of the release of the third documents, you can create other description files according to the need to choose


    3 select the APP IDs created in the developer center, check the creation of the association before the publication of the certificate, enter the name, click OK to create


    4 download the.Mobileprovision description file saved to the computer


    The use of this tool to create the process is extremely simple, a few steps to create a complete, and in the development environment, the use of this tool to create the certificate is not limited by the computer, you can use multiple computers.