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Meteor + Onsen UI + Monaca cloud build

  • I want to use Onsen UI for a mobile application on Meteor. And I also want to use the cloud build from Monaca for this. Is it possible?
    As I see the Meteor project has a completely different structure. But I understand that eventually they both do the Cordova project. What should I do to add to the Meteor Project the possibilities of the Monaca project? Does anybody have this experience?
    Maybe there is a step-by-step tutorial to create a Meteor project, add Onsen UI to it, and then add parts of Monaca to use the Monaca cloud build?

  • Onsen UI

    @Sergey The only requirement for Monaca Cloud is that you upload transpiled code (no React, for example) since it doesn’t use webpack or anything else in the back-end right now. If you want to publish an app you need to adapt to Cordova project structure, so basically move everything you need in the front-end to www folder.

  • @Fran-Diox No it’s not like that. I see that Monaca have strong structure of the projects’f folders and files and Monaca have some expectations from imported Cordova projects.
    For example content of Meteor .meteor\local\cordova-build\ folder doesn’t have index.html file in \www\ subfolder ( this file stored in \www\application\ subfolder). Also in Meteor’s Cordova project resources files (icons and splashscreens) stored in resources folder instead Monaca’s res folder.
    So, when you import this project to the Monaca you see stub index.html generated by Monaca in www folder, you see new res folder with standard Monaca icons and splashscreens, also <content src=""/> in the config.xml replaced from Meteor’s entry point to newly generated \www\index.html, and some other strange things :(