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Tabbar setActiveTab() and double 'init' event

  • Hello,

    Please help me with tabbar setActiveTab() method. I see folowing problems:

    1. If I have ons-page with ons-tabbar and first ons-tab have active attribute - setActiveTab() method doesn’t work during page initialization. If I use setActiveTab() in page init or show events - fist tab is active always (as I understand because first tab have active attribute). How I can change active tab before page displaying? Maybe if active tab option specified directly during initialization with setActiveTab() method you should ignore active attribute? I need active attribute because mostly time page displayed with first active tab by default and only sometime I need to open page with other active tab.

    2. If I remove active attribute from the first ons-tab and for each init event I use setActiveTab() (with tab index if specified or with first tab otherwise) - I see ‘init’ event twice for the first tab. Unfortunately these double init events crash Chosen and Select2 JavaScript libraries if tag selection control placed on the first page.

  • Onsen UI

    @Sergey I guess you tried like this, but I cannot see any repeated init event. Pen here.

  • @Fran-Diox Thanks for example.
    Yes I see that your example work as expected. Second tab activated even I added active attribute to the first tab. And no double init if I use setActivetab(0) with active attribute.
    But my project more complex and I will try to play with more complex Pen.
    Also is it possible because I use 2.0.3 version? I asked question regarding upgrade in this topic.

  • Onsen UI

    @Sergey I think Onsen UI 2.2.2 is available in Monaca, but make sure you have a look at the changelog while updating.