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Existing OnsenUI working on Visual Studio

  • Hello!
    I already done a OnsenUI project using notepad++ but i dont know how to compile into an android apk, after some research i found that i can use OnsenUI with Visual Studio. So i downloaded all extensions and components for getting start with OnsenUI in VS but now i need to know how to import my project in VS and compile into my new android app. Already Added Existing Item but when i go test only open firefox and i cant compile it… Any solutions?

    Question2: When i start a new OnsenUI project BLANK and hit RUN/TEST button, im getting few errors, and all my extensions folders are set correctly… Its because i cant run a BLANK project with doing nothing?

    Thanks, sorry for my bad english


  • @mariante An even easier way, is to use the free Monaca Cloud IDE. Everything is virtual and already setup.