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How to reach to a popover from Enzyme in full DOM (mount) rendering test

  • My React/Meteor project use Enzyme for unit testing. In a full DOM rendering test which I mount() the top-level App component, it is rendered correctly. However, when I try to navigate, using Enzyme’s simulate(‘click’), down to a popover. I realize that the popover is created elsewhere, not in the same DOM, its shadow-dom, I guess. However, I need to click on a list-item inside the popover.

    Is it possible to reach to the popover using Enzyme or web api?


  • Sam, were you ever able to get this all working? I’m having a hard time getting jest/enzyme to even run with onsen. Curious to hear what you did to even get tests to run.

  • Onsen UI

    I’m not sure why this didn’t originally get a response. I haven’t used Enzyme, so I can’t be sure of what’s going on, but it seems to relate more generally to Web Components rather than Onsen UI. Perhaps look into whether Enzyme supports accessing a Web Component’s shadow DOM.