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Crosswalk WebView does not raise visibilitychange events on Android when exiting / returning to app

  • I am using the Crosswalk WebView Engine plugin, configured as the latest Crosswalk version (23.53.589.4) and Plugin Version 2.1.0 (I’m not using the latest version of 2.3.0 because of a build error, for which I’ve also logged a ticket).

    I am trying to use the webkitvisibilitychange event as described here, to control my app state when exiting / returning to my app via the Android Home / Recent Apps buttons:

    I have added event listeners (using document.addEventListener) for both visibilitychange and webkitvisibilitychange. Without the CrossWalk plugin enabled (using the standard Android WebView), the visibilitychange event is raised as expected when I exit my app using the Home or Recent Apps buttons, and when I return to my app. I use this in conjunction with document.visibilityState to suspend my app (a game) properly. With CrossWalk enabled (which I need, for the performance) the game keeps running, including the sound.

    Is this a bug?