Ons-select is not displayed correctly

  • Ons-select is not displayed as a select, it simply shows the 3 options.
    There are no js errors on the console.
    I’m using the example of the tutorial, and so it does not work.
    Any suggestions?

      <ons-template id="mensajes.html">
        <ons-page id="mensajes">
            <div class="left">
              <ons-toolbar-button onclick="fn.open()">
                <ons-icon icon="md-menu"></ons-icon>
            <div id="cd_title" class="center">MENSAJES
            <div class="right">
          <h3>Choose a type of select with different modifiers:</h3>
          <ons-select id="choose-sel" modifier="basic">
            <option value="basic">Basic</option>
            <option value="material">Material</option>
            <option value="underbar">Underbar</option>


  • Onsen UI

    @Facundo-Arnold Just update Onsen UI. I guess you are not using 2.2.0.

  • I create the application via monaca, with the “create” command.
    To upgrade to version 2.2.0, I just need to copy the libraries to \ www \ lib \ onsenui ? or via npm?

  • Perfect, I installed the new version via copy files in the lib directory.
    another question.
    I can not create and attach at runtime option items
    Codepen Example:

  • Onsen UI

  • Excelent! Thanks again!

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