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Request: Link to Update Docs

  • @Fran-Diox @argelius Quick question on if this could easily be added. Can there be a link in the reference docs / help docs that we can just click that will take us to the page in github so it is easier to locate which one needs to be changed in order to submit a PR for update OR is there an easier way and I am just missing it?

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    @munsterlander We had that in v1 website but somehow didn’t make it in the new version. We will add that, thanks for the suggestion!

    For now, all the reference pages are taken from comments in the code, so the info is in the main repo. The overview/guide is here.

  • @Fran-Diox Thanks! Usually, I have to hunt to figure out which document needs to be updated. I was working on the drag and drop for the ons-list (this is way more difficult than originally anticipated - suggestions welcome on this one) and the ons-gesture-detector JS reference has some corrections needed. I was like, man, this would be nice if I could just click something that would take me to the github page so I can then fork, modify, and then PR.

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    @munsterlander Yeah, definitely. I’ll add it to the tasks we need to do for the website. Another thing we have in mind is implementing a search bar powered, probably, by Algolia.

    About the drag & drop, we haven’t tested this kind of functionality too much since it is not the original purpose of Onsen UI. We are using HammerJS for other stuff and we just expose it in case it’s useful for anything else but, perhaps, it would be easier to add another library like Sortable specifically for drag & drop functionality. It requires document.body._gestureDetector.dispose() to work (and all what that means), though. I made a quick example here.

  • @Fran-Diox Hey hey! Nice work! I was looking at HammerJS extensions draggable and sortable but was having a heck of a time getting it to work due to the Onsen wrapper. This is much simpler and easier to implement. Although I completely agree that sorting is outside the normal uses of the UI, I do see how it could be of benefit. There will, however, be some significant coding required to make everything play nice,

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