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Onsen UI 2.2.0 Release: CSS Upgrade

  • Onsen UI

    Onsen UI and Vue.js

    Onsen UI 2.2.0 has been released! It comes with new features, some breaking changes and many bug fixes not only for the core, but for Angular, React and Vue bindings as well.

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  • Hello

    I read that this concerns not only OnsenUI core but also ‘Angular, React and Vue bindings as well’, so shouldn’t there be a new release on react-onsen github page ? (still 1.0.3 from 26 oct.)

    Cheers from France

  • Onsen UI

    @guirip220 Have a look at the readme of that repo and you’ll find where is now located the new version.

  • hi
    I have a problem
    I mobe from jQuery mobile to onsen
    but when stat tutorial in fist step init event never fired.
    I installed onsen from npm and add script limes after cordova script tag in index.html.
    but except other things those ok , but init event never ever fired.
    ui is good,css is just fine and shown.but after ons.ready,deviceready,and even ons.alert, init in addeventlistener not fired.I tested in chrome mobile emulator,firefox firebug,android avd emulator and apk on real some devices.but results is same.init event not fire.if I forgot Something nothing works not just init event of a page.

  • @cppprog Are you trying to get the event of the page, like:

    document.getElementById('myPageId').addEventListener('init',function(){console.log('Page initialized.')});
    <ons-page id="myPageId"></ons-page>

  • Onsen UI

    @cppprog Do not put your addEventListener inside ons.ready since you might miss the actual event. Do it at the beginning of the app. Also, please open a new thread if you have further questions.

  • @Fran-Diox sorry im new here and I am in middle of project that I suggest onsen to team and move from jQuery mobile to I dont think about what place to ask a question.just professional person I need was important.sorry.
    I am using tutorial page and copy paste it to JavaScript file in deviceready event.
    please help me.if ons.ready is not important how init event defined befor onsen loaded.everything work except that event !!!init!!!
    can you put a sample index.html in pure JavaScript mode in it to explain how attach onsen to cordova.

  • Hello all thanksyou so much to make me already join here