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ReactJS - jsx file got corrupted. How do I recover?

  • Hello all,

    I’ve been making an app for the past week. Last I checked on the code was yesterday before I turned off my laptop. I tried accessing the code today and it seems to have become corrupted as it does not show me any code when I open the file; it only shows some junk information (see below).

    Can you please help? I don’t have any backups of the jsx file. :persevere:

    MZ       ÿÿ  ¸       @                                   ø   º ´	Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.
    $       L¥yöyöyöêö<yöe"z÷
    yöe"y÷	yöe"w÷yöe"†ö	yöe"{÷	yöRichyö                PE  L ‘‰W        à !  >  R      0g      P   (_      
            Ð    ß  @A                    C Â	  œb     0
                         %  %  8                              €            ` ˜  <@ À                   .text   Â<     >                   `.data   Ì   P     B             @  À.idata  b   `     D             @  @.didat  L    €     Z             @  À.rsrc   0
            \             @  @.reloc  %      &   h             @  B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                p£(_ £(_ðP*_@Q*_Àk(_Ðß(_Ðn(_Ðn(_ õ(_€ß(_ i)_    à%(_pá)_°á)_W*_                J(_     
         j                           (&(_pá)_°á)_˜W*_                º&(_     
         j                           p&(_pá)_°á)_”W*_                º&(_     
         j                           €                                                           ”P*_ 4(_“   ˜b*_    ,(_‚    5                                     €)(_È%(_À)(_Ø)(_(*(_ˆ*(_ì*(_ü*(_+(_+(_$+(_4+(_`+(_„+(_¨+(_ð+(_H,(_X,(_|,(_ ,(_L-(_h-(_Ô-(_ .(_p.(_à.(_H/(_”/(_ /(_´/(_Ø/(_ü/(_80(_h0(_|0(_0(_°0(_,1(_D1(_T1(_`1(_p1(_|1(_Œ1(_œ1(_´1(_Ð1(_ì1(_2(_82(_d2(_Œ2(_´2(_Ø2(_ì2(_3(_3(_,3(_X3(_Ä3(_è3(_T4(_h4(_|4(_    У(_ g)_àf)_@g)_¤(_pg)_Pg)_g)_0à(_`à(_pä(_@å(_ õ(_ à(_Ðn(_Ðn(_ õ(_Ðè(_0ò(_Ps(_Pú(_    à=(_@?(_p>(_    °?(_0A(_@@(_            e(_    °G  K  `S  ða  e  0g  `j  Àk   n  Ðn  Po  €o  °o  ào  ðo   p  p   p  0p  `p  pp  €p  °p  Àp  Ps  p£   £  У  ¤  °¥   ¶   ·  ·   ·  0·   ¹  @»  ð¼  p½  0¿  ðÄ  0Æ  ÐÆ  ÀÇ   È  @É  pÍ   Î  àÑ  €Ò  @Ó   Ô  ÐÕ  pÖ   ×  €Ú  €ß  Ðß   à  0à  `à  pä  @å  Ðè  0ò   õ  Pú  ð   `       à à ð 0 P à  À À   À  à! @# °% €) * À* ð+ À, . 02 `3  5 @6 @7 @8  9 ð9  ; <  = > @? @@ pA PB pC D ðE  H 0I ÀL ðL  N ðN @P àf  g @g Pg pg g  i @’ àÔ pá °á                 >   <   G l o b a l \ T e r m S r v R e a d y E v e n t                  	                                                                                                                       ¹¬	Éj¼C¥XAšy|i            api-ms-win-service-winsvc-l1-2-0.dll            api-ms-win-service-management-l1-1-0.dll        api-ms-win-service-management-l2-1-0.dll        WINSTA.dll      WTSAPI32.dll    D i s a l l o w D i s c o n n e c t e d L o c a l S e s s i o n s   ¥—½–.Üò0\CÐ2Q€í|    D e v i c e          [             [ K\F\   Üÿ[[              [ K\F\   Üÿ[[ K\F\   ÈÿF\  "[[ K\F\   ¨ÿF\  %[[ K\F\   ˆÿF\  "\F\  "[[ K\F\   ^ÿF\  %\F\  %[[             [ K\F\ 
    G        H       ˆ  &ˆ  0  :  BX   p $   H      0@    $ $ GA           b  îP!  p    H      0@    @ $ FA           bX  p    H       2   L $ GC     
     nH     z  ÐP!  p    H      2   T  FE     
     nH     Œ  žˆ  ¸p       < R e s o u r c e   o u t   o f   R a n g e >   < U n a v a i l a b l e   R e s o u r c e >                     ‘‰W       %   ÄA  Ä5      ‘‰W    
       ¤  ìA  ì5  S C a r d S v r         D    öZ£ôœÍ v ++×   ]ˆŠëÉŸè +H`                               D