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active-icon attr of ons-tab does not work

  • I created new project from monaca with default “Onsen UI” option. I selected “Onsen UI V2 JS Tabbar” template.

          <div class="center" id="toolbar-title"></div>
        <ons-tabbar position="auto">
          <ons-tab label="Tab 1" icon="ion-social-bitcoin-outline" active-icon="ion-social-bitcoin" page="tab1.html" active>
          <ons-tab label="Tab 2" icon="ion-social-bitcoin-outline" active-icon="ion-social-bitcoin" page="tab2.html">

    I added active-icon attr into ons-tab as mention in document. I expected to get different icon while tab was selected. Am I missing something? This quite a simple setup.


  • Onsen UI

    @Tanut-Apiwong Looks like this was an open issue already. I fixed it, should be good for the next release. Thank you :+1: