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Differences between "Custom Build Debugger" and "Debug Build" for iOS

  • Hello Guys,

    what is the difference between a “Custom Build Debugger” and a “Debug Build” for iOS?
    My problem is caused by a custom plugin.
    It works in “Debug Build” but fails if you try to build a “Custom Build Debugger”.

  • Monaca

    Custom Debugger and Debug build are two very different builds:

    • Custom Debugger build: generates a custom Monaca Debugger build, that includes the custom plugin. The only plugins that cannot be included are the push notification related ones, as there is no way to link the push notifications with your project while it’s running on the Custom Debugger.

    • Debug Build: generates a debug copy of your project, which can be installed on your device and has nothing to do with Monaca Debugger. In this case, you can include all custom plugins you wish, including the push notifications ones, as the app is not executed inside a container (Monaca Debugger).

    Which plugin are you using?