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Push notifications general question

  • Is there a way to send and receive push notifications without using monaca push notifications, i.m using monaca cloud ide, free account, and i need something like this

    when user in client app send request to php server, that server connects with google firebase cloud messaging and send notification to admin app, and when admin do what is need, sends request back to server and same again, server connects to fcm and notification goes to client app

    is this possible to do with monaca free plan, and if is which plugin to use for push notifications


  • Monaca

    If you want to have access to external Monaca Plugins, you need at least a Developer plan.
    Moreover, if you want to have access to the Server Management API, which seems your case, you need a Gold plan. Take a look at the following page for more details:

  • @Andi
    Tnx :thumbsup: