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ons-splitter ons-navigator pushPage with slide effect blinks (toolbar is the problem)

  • I have this blinking problem by using the ons-splitter and the ons-navigator + the pushpage method with the slide effect parameter.

    The page blinks after loading (only on the iOS 10+ /iPhone 6+). However it works if the toolbar is removed from the pushed page (and I need the toolbar)

    Please help me on this one, I have tried many options without luck.


    *onsenui v2.0.5

  • I fixed this by using an older dist version (onsenui v2.0.5 - 2016-12-19)

  • Hi

    I encounter the same issue on my app with the same devices: iOS 10+ / iPhone 6+ and iPhone 7
    I’m using the onsenui v2.0.3

    The toolbar blinks when coming back from another pushed page if there is a map in the view And some elements disappear (toolbar icons, button, labels and the map markers).

    Is this issue fixed on the latest version of onsenui ? (which means I’ll have to do some refactoring)