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Localkit react app does not refresh on remote device

  • Hello,

    i have created an Onson + React project with Localkit on Windows.
    When i am editing the src/App.jsx file the app is not updated on a connected Android Debugger.
    Is it possible to edit .jsx files with live reload?

    Best regards,

  • If i try to use “monaca transpile” with monaca CLI the following errror occurs:

    ERROR in Cannot find module 'babel-core’
    Project has failed to transpile. Error has occured while transpiling
    bias\Documents\monaca-test-2 with webpack. Please check the logs.

    Best regards,

  • The folling error occurs when trying to start a project with “monaca create” on Windows

    npm ERR! gentlyRm C:\Users\Tobias.cordova\node_modules.bin\tsc.cmd is outside
    C:\Users\Tobias\Documents and not a link
    npm ERR! gentlyRm C:\Users\Tobias.cordova\node_modules.bin\tsserver.cmd is out
    side C:\Users\Tobias\Documents and not a link
    Error occurred while creating project: Failed to install build dependencies.

    Best regards,

  • Got it working with this fix
    and “monaca reconfigure”

    Best regards,