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allow android to get data from https

  • I am developing mobile applicaiton using onsen ,angularjs with Cloud Monaca IDE
    my application connect to data base using https reqests
    when I test the application t on the simulator device
    but when I try it on my android mobile I get error when trying connect to https urls
    how can I fix this problem?

    function getUsernamePassword(username, password){
                return $http({
                    method: 'GET',
                    url: "" + username+"/"+password
                }).then(function successCallback(response) {
                    return response;
                }, function errorCallback(response) {
                  console.log('login faield');

  • I think you need to add internet permission to your andriodmanifest.xml

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

    and add this line to your config.xml

    <access origin="https:*"/>

    You can do this from Monaca IDE