Onse UI, vue and meteor?

  • This week I see this this example for use Vue with Meteor https://github.com/lwakefield/vue-and-meteor. And I thought If someone tried to use onse ui, vue and meteor together, I tried it but doesnt show components…
    Thanks everyone.

  • Onsen UI

    @Julio.J4pa Hi! I don’t think anybody tried it so far. We are updating Vue bindings for Vue 2 but they are not ready yet. If Meteor is somehow compatible with Vue components I believe onsenui-vue will work out of the box with Meteor (it happens with onsenui-react, at least).

  • I’m so sorry to delay reply, but I’m trying to develope to arduino and I was busy…

    So I did it works when I don’t use that function onsenui.ready. Do you have an ideia why?
    it cold be beacause timeout waiting for callback? Or version that I’m using? (onsenui v2.0.5 and vue-onsenui v1.0.0)
    If I don’t use this method I’ll clash my application because it doesn’t wait to completely initialized?

    Sorry about my English and I’m noob with all this.
    Thank you

    // ons.ready(() => {
    new Vue({
    el: ‘body’,
    components: { App },
    // });

  • Onsen UI

    @Julio.J4pa Not sure about that problem, bindings for Vue 2 are not released yet so we cannot test it with Meteor. If you are interested, the latest commits for Vue 2 bindings are here.

  • Hi @Fran-Diox , sorry to late reply. I was busy with work and one project…
    I did it work. Some month ago.
    If you want see how it work, please contact me.
    I’ll be happy to contribute.

  • Onsen UI

    @Julio.J4pa Glad you could make it work. It would be awesome if you can share it so other users have some examples :) Do you have a Github repo or anything like that?

  • @Fran-Diox
    I didn’t create a private Github yet because it paid. I’ll create a public one.
    I’m noob using Github but I’ll try.

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