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Cannot find module './source-map/source-map-generator'

  • I trying to preview a new onsen project with monaca. I running this on mac os and i getting this error:

    monaca preview 
    getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND Dan-MacBook-Pro.local
    Failed serving project: Cannot find module './source-map/source-map-generator'

    I find similar issue in ionic forum. But it looks kinda old and I’m not sure is it from node/npm/java/onsen versioning or something else.

    Anyone face this issue before?

  • Same here.

    Generated the minimal example (Onsen IO and Angular 2) via:

    gmork@work:~/playground$ monaca create helloworld

    Then tried previewing it, but gave the following error:

    gmork@work:~/playground/helloworld$ monaca preview
    Failed serving project: Cannot find module './source-map/source-map-generator'

    Any suggestions?