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  • Onsen UI

    Divides the screen into a left and right section.

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  • Hello
    Would you add a simple code about how to use collapse on splitterview with media query?

  • @reza-rahmati: you can try this collapse="(max-device-width: 1600px)" you can play around with different media queries, I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing this (not a lot of documentation on this) hope it helps.

  • @Dennis-Ferreira You are correct. That’s precisely how it should be used. The reason why there is not much documentation about it is because it’s just a media query and I guess we expect people who want to use media queries to know how to write them.

    On another note - this is actually the documentation for ons-split-view from Onsen 1, in Onsen 2 there is a component ons-splitter which is a little better. When the ons-split-view collapses there is no way to open it until the expression becomes false, whereas in ons-splitter it becomes a sliding menu, which is seems more logical imo.