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iOS 10 support

  • Hi,

    When do you expect to support fully in iOS 10?
    I tried to use a plugin contains UNNotification object , but the Monaca does not know the UNNotification library.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Monaca

    Which plugin are you trying to use?
    At the moment, Monaca uses Xcode 7. A Xcode 8 update will likely be performed when the next Cordova major release will be available (Cordova 7.x).

  • Hi,

    I’m using my own custom push notifications plugin. I also wanted to take advantage of the new Notification Service Extension in iOS10, but could not understand how to do it with Monaca.

    One more thing - we’re using the default push notification plugin at the moment, and we see some strange behaviour on iPhones running iOS 10 and above. Sometimes 2 notifications arrives to the device (although only one has been sent) and than immediately both of them disappear from the notification center. We believe its connected to the fact that we are compiling the app with iOS9 SDK. Have you encountered such issue? Can you suggest more tests we can do to understand what is the real cause for it?


  • Monaca

    @asafron said:

    default push notification plugin

    Do you mean Monaca’s integrated push notification system? If yes, we tried it a few weeks ago and we didn’t encounter any issue in iOS 10.