Unable to target div id in ons-template

  • I am modifying the ‘Splitter animations with navigator’ tutorial (http://tutorial.onsen.io/?framework=vanilla&category=Community tutorials&module=splitter_navigator)

    I have added <div id=“userBoards”></div> to one of the templates. When that template is loaded I call some JS to insert some text into the #userBoards div. My JS does not seem to be able to detect the div in question though.

    Please advise.

  • Onsen UI

    @StevieC I guess the DOM is not ready by the time you try to access it. Check out this other tutorial and the init event.

  • Hi Fran,
    Yes. That appears to be it. Thanks.

    It has thrown up another problem though.

    Using the function: ‘document.addEventListener(‘init’, function(event) {’
    to handle each page loading works fine within the Monaca IDE (fires each time a page is loaded) but when run on my mobile phone (Android 4.1.2) it only fires the once (on app loading). I have included Crosswalk to see if that would help but it has not.

    Any advice?

  • Hi Fran,
    I’ve changed the ‘init’ to ‘show’ and that appears to have fixed it.

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