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Easy - button color

  • Hi guys, i have tried all possibilities to change onsen ui button color here lol . I do’nt know more what to do.

    Large-cta button

    <ons-list-item class="item">
                        <img class="picme" ng-src="images/one.jpg">
                            <ons-button modifier="large--cta"  ng-click="show('one.html')"><ons-icon icon="fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right fa-2x" fixed-width="true"></ons-icon>Test</ons-button>

    It continues as # white color, and i need to change for #333 gray

  • Onsen UI


    This works style="background-color: red; color: blue". If you want to set it as a class, make sure that you are specific enough.