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Nightlife Navigator APP

  • Im an nightlife eventhost who loves to code. Yeah thats probably a pretty rare combination. I find it pretty difficult for ppl to find out whats going on the weekend on Facebook or similar sites, since you have to find each club individually and there is no collection. Therefore I created an app with React-Ionic, which is not maintained anymore and I also made some mistakes. So I started a new one with Onsen. And im so happy that I know have a framework that is maintained and makes it so easy to code for multiple platforms.

    Im not 100% finished, since I try to speed up the initial loading time and ill probably add features all the time.

    This version is for my city Frankfurt, Germany. But all that is needed are the IDs of the Club Fanpages. It gathers all the Galleries, Events, Locations etc from the API then. Optimized to reduce data loading.

    If someone is interested Ill release the Code on Github, though I dont find its really that of a masterpiece. Im just proud that I eventually can release something to a showcase. It’s my first App, and I Learn Coding sidewise to my ordinary job as Marketeer and economic student

  • @Julian-Wagner Awesome job and congrats!

  • Onsen UI

    @Julian-Wagner This looks very nice, good job! I need this information in Tokyo :sweat_smile:

  • @Fran-Diox If you give me the locations that should be included in the App, I could make you an Tokyo version.

    I will maintain one code base for all the cities. So its really not much of a task for me, to open a new city.

    My next Tasks are:

    • To make working notifications
    • Do SSR to speed up initial loading time

    Btw since your are a part of the Onsen Team, I submitted my App for your Showcase, if interested.