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Easier to use AngularJS or Angular 2 with Onsen UI

  • I am a newbie to mobile app development, and is giving Onsen UI a test drive by going through the tutorials and sample codes.

    I am told to choose between pure Onsen UI, Onsen UI with AngularJS and Onsen UI with Angular 2 when creating a new sample project.

    For a beginner who is not familiar with AngularJS/Angular 2, may I know which one is easiest to find information and sample projects/codes for using Onsen UI currently.

    Are most of the sample projects like Onsen Jukebox, Onsen Weather, Onsen Chat and Onsen ToDo in AngularJS or Angular 2?

    Thank you.

  • Monaca

    All Onsen 1 samples are in AngularJS as the original Onsen project was based on it. If you want to get started with Onsen 2, probably the best way is to use pure JavaScript or AngularJS.

    Here are two samples that may be useful for you. The first one is in pure JavaScript (Vanilla) and the second one is in AngularJS:

  • @wetfeet I highly recommend working with Vanilla first. In my opinion, when learning a framework it is best to learn 1 and not 2 at a time. This way, any errors encountered you know where to start!