Parse bug? (Appstore Reject)

  • I use Parse (by the Buddy Platform) as a back end. For Android this works fine. In the Monaca Debugger on iPhone it works fine. In the Preview i get a freeze. No big deal, but… the AppStore review team also reports a freeze and rejects my app.

    I isolated the code responsible for the freeze:

     Parse.User.logIn(myusername, mypassword, {  
          success: function(user)    {

    I really don’t know what it could be, anyone?


  • @Remco-Koffijberg Is it isolated to the return function or the actual call to login? Did you by chance check on the Parse github issue log for any similar errors? The best I could recommend would be to post there as well as I would believe this error to be isolated to Parse and not Onsen.

  • @munsterlander
    The actual call for login causes a freeze. There is no succes or failure return.

    I’m checking with Parse/ Buddy platform as well.

    The strange thing is:

    • it works on Android (as released in the PlayStore)
    • it works on iPhone Monaca Debugger
    • it does not work in Monaca Preview

  • @Remco-Koffijberg Did you whitelist the domain?

  • What a good idea!

    I checked it and my config.xml has: <allow-navigation href="*"/>

    so that should be enough.

  • @Remco-Koffijberg Yes, that should do it. Do you know what domain that API call hits? Maybe try to take it out of the API call itself and see if you can load it manually.

  • I don’t know how to do this. The document is set as follows:

    Parse.serverURL = ""


    I moved to another Parse service (SasHiDo). The same problem stayed:

    it works in the debugger
    it freezes in Monaca

    I tried the local development kit

    i can see the data being loaded from Parse in the ‘inspect’ view
    the data is missing in the preview screens…

  • Update:

    I reinstalled Parse via Config/ manage JS/CSS components. It works again!!!

  • @Remco-Koffijberg Interesting! Glad its working!

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