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Possibility to save the configuration of Onsen CSS Components (Theme Roller)

  • Hello, it is possible to save the choices made during the customization of so that the further update of, for example, a single component does not require to reenter the parameters for all the other unchanged components? What I am thinking is, for example, a config file that is downloaded the first time the theme is created and that can be uploaded each time there is the need to do further changes .
    If not presently possible, it will be, according to my opinion, a very useful feature to add.

  • @tbrcrl Well, they are styled by CSS. My preferred way to do this is to not replace the onsen-css-components, but just add what is needed in my own CSS file before it. Also, with the theme roller, if you click on the component it will show you just what is for that component. I eliminate anything I didn’t change and this has helped significantly throughout the updates.