Monaca debug is not sync

  • I feel like using monaca debug is a pain now! all changes are shown in monaca preview but it doesn’t change anything in the debug. I keep refreshing and run the app on debug. It show the sync sign when refreshing the app but seem like it doesn’t change anything at all. Please help!

  • @iriekun Try restarting everything (browser and app on the device) as this usually fixes that problem.

  • Monaca

    Moreover, are you trying to sync your local or remote projects?

  • I sync from remote projects.Though the app is refreshing itself every time I made change on project, it doesn’t show the changes at all. I need to close the app and open it every time to see the change.

  • Monaca

    Can you please post your OS and its relative version?

  • iOS version 10.0.2 & monaca debugger version 6.0.1

  • Monaca

    It’s a bug, we are working on that. Sorry, we don’t have an ETA yet :/

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